• New Landscape Design & Installation

    Our design, installation and maintenance team works with you to bring your vision to light. With our passion for people and nature, Cusack Landscaping creates and maintains inspiring backdrops for experiencing life. Cusack Landscaping is a fully licensed and insured full-service landscape contractor. Our experienced designers work closely with you to bring your landscape dreams to life, combining your vision with their plant and design knowledge. Our installation and maintenance team is second to none, working efficiently and professionally so you can enjoy your new landscape sooner.

  • Landscape Renovation

    Cusack Landscaping are experts in Landscaping Renovation. Our team of experts will make your property look amazing. Call us today for a free estimate before you start you landscaping renovation project.

  • Landscape Renovation

    Cusack Landscaping will install the PERENNIAL ROCK GARDEN of your dreams.

  • Perennial Rock Gardens

    The experts at our landscaping company can help you select shrubs, trees, ground covers and seasonal flowers that will add beauty and dimension to your landscape design. Our professional landscapers are available to plant trees and shrubs in your lawn. We can also change out flowerbeds, hanging baskets, planters and window boxes with seasonal flowers. If you want to plant a vegetable or herb garden, we can help with this too. Our planting programs include placing mulch or pine straw in flowerbeds and around trees and shrubs and replacing and replenishing it when needed.

  • Mulching & Decorative Stone Installation

    The installation of mulching and decorative stone is a permanent fixture to your landscape beds, as long as proper landscape fabric is applied prior to installation of the stone. There are many varieties, sizes, shapes and colors of decorative stone to choose from. Cusack Landscaping can provide you with different varieties of Mulch and stone upon your request.